From Couch Potato to Playground Champ - 5 Active Preschool Games for Sedentary Kids

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Preschoolers are active creatures with loads of energy to burn. They love playing games, whether with a bunch of mates or just by themselves. But television and computers can sometimes turn even the most energetic little tykes into couch potatoes. Here are 5 fun preschool games to get your toddlers off that couch.

Fun Preschool Game 1 - Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes (group game)
How to Play
• All the kids sing the song in unison and touch each body part as it is named.
• After a couple of repetitions, they sing it faster to make it more exciting.
• They could also substitute other body parts for the ones mentioned in the song.
The song
Head and shoulders, knees and toes
Head and shoulders, knees and toes
Eyes and ears and mouth and nose!
Head and shoulders, knees and toes

Fun Preschool Game 2 – Cushion Games
How to Play
• Identify a number of targets and have your little one toss a cushion at each of them. Place the targets at varying distances to make it challenging. How many can he hit?
• How far can your preschooler walk with a cushion balanced on his head? Can he run or jump with one on his head?
Tip – Make sure you choose the targets wisely to avoid injury and breakages. For example, a particular spot on a wall.

Fun Preschool Game 3 - Freeze! (group game)
How to Play

• Play the kids’ favorite songs and ask them to dance until the music stops. (You’re the DJ!)
• As soon as the music stops, they must freeze in whatever posture they’re in – and never mind if one leg’s up in the air and arms are flailing wildly.
• Make it more fun by asking them to freeze in specific postures – shapes, animals or even letters.

Fun Preschool Game 4 – Hot Potato (group game)
How to Play
• Have all the kids sit in a circle on the floor.
• Give them a soft toy or a ball to pass around as fast as they can while the music plays. This object is the ‘hot potato’.
• When the music stops, the child holding the ‘hot potato’ is ‘out.’
• The others continue playing until everyone is eliminated.
• The last player left wins the game.

Fun Preschool Game 5 – Volleyball with Balloons
How to Play
• Unlike conventional volleyball, your child plays for both sides in this fun and active game.
• Set up a chair or any piece of furniture as the center line.
• Blow up a balloon and have your little one run back and forth to hit it before it touches the floor.
• Can he keep it up for 21 turns? This, after all, is the winning score in a normal game of volleyball.

Use these fun ideas to ensure that your preschooler stays active and enjoys his playtime!


I am an assistant teacher and my aim is to curate unique learning tips and techniques customized towards kids.

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