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Since learning has been ‘gamified’, the online space has mushroomed with a horde of English games for kids. These games are a great way for kids to learn various language specific skills like verbs, subject-verb agreement, vocabulary, and more. From mastering concepts they have already been taught to learning new skills, these games can be rather effective. And, what’s more, parents can also sit and play educational English games at home with the kids. Here are a few simple but fun English games that you can engage your kids with at home!

Crosswords and other puzzles
Crosswords and other forms of puzzles can be a great source of learning for kids. Puzzles are games in their spirit, and kids love to ‘play games’, as we all know. Download crossword puzzles, word searches, and puzzles that are based on subject-verb agreement and encourage kids to solve them, keeping a timer handy. Besides prodding kids to think logically, the English games can be a great pastime too.

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Lyrical Game
Download lyrics of popular songs and ask your kids to underline the verbs and the subjects. You can also edit the lyrics on a word document and delete the verbs/subjects for kids to fill them up. This English game will prove to be a great learning process for little kids.

News and current affairs
Encourage kids to follow the news and read about current trends. Reading the newspaper is a great way for kids to practice their understanding of subject-verb agreement. Convert the reading activity into a game and make it clear that you’ll ask them questions from a certain section of the newspaper after they’ve read it. Don’t forget to specify the section. Ask comprehension questions from the section and try to follow if they’ve understood the article. Alternately, you can have the kids ask to summarize the article in their own words and check to see their understanding of subject-verb agreement.

Movie game
This is an English game that kids will love to play, and watch! Project a movie that doesn’t require adults’ supervision. Stop it midway and ask kids to write what could possibly happen after that. Encourage them to be creative and use a variety of punctuations to write their paragraph. Analyze their paragraph for subject-verb agreement errors and explain the concept to them.

With the various ideas of fun English games that you can play with kids to improve their subject-verb agreement, we’re sure your kids will have a whale of time learning!
Help kids master their subject-verb agreement with the ideas of simple English games that you can play with your kids.

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