Different Types of Fun Halloween Games for Kids

Halloween is all about ghosts and witches, sinister black cats and grinning jack-o’-lanterns. Or in Shakespeare’s words:
‘Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble.’

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Pumpkins” by Antranias is licensed under CC by 2.0

Halloween is also a time of bonding with near and dear ones, of scaring the wits out of one another by jumping out unannounced from the shadows, of doing up the décor of the house together to make each nook and cranny look creepy and of course, of playing fun games and spending quality time together as a family.

Talking about games, here are a couple of ideas which would be ideal for this Halloween.

Indoor Games
The classic bowling-turned-mummy bowling game is a big hit indoors. All you’ve got to do is wrap up each of the bowling pins in swathes of toilet paper and mark out eyes at the top with a black marker, so that the 10 pins appear to be staring at you through unblinking eyes like wrapped, ghostly mummies. After that, it’s not how you bowl, it’s how you roll! This can be given another interesting twist if you use discarded tin cans for the purpose. Ask your kid to double it up as a painting activity and paint scary faces on the cans, then stack them one on top of the other for a novel type of bowling game. If younger kids are involved, make them stand in a circle, hand them a ball of black yarn and let them throw the ball to each other in a random fashion, holding on to one side of the string when it lands on each of them – thus creating a haphazard spider web in the process, in true Halloween style.

Online Games
The plethora of online games available in the present day and age is truly mind-boggling, Halloween or otherwise. A few examples are as follows: directing a witch flying around on a broomstick to collect as many pumpkins as possible, jumping high on a trampoline to catch monsters which are in free fall from a haunted house, pet games which allow you to use magical paint brushes to get your virtual pets their own unique Halloween costumes, mixing up creepy crawlies of all kinds to come up with weird potions, and lots more to choose from. The list is endless!

Outdoor Games
Nothing like a ghostly Halloween party in the bright sunlit garden or backyard! Kids will enjoy taking part in a ghost relay race in which they are required to take a white ghostly balloon from the starting line to the finishing line without once holding the balloon in their hands – the rule is to keep punching it in the air and not let it fall to the ground even once before finishing the race. If there is a larger group of slightly older kids, a good idea would be to provide them with old and ragged clothes, pumpkins and hay to construct a scarecrow – the team whose scarecrow is the scariest one in the end will be declared the winner. When it comes to outdoor games for Halloween, the more kids involved, the merrier it turns out to be!

Have a fa-BOO-lous Halloween!


I am an assistant teacher and my aim is to curate unique learning tips and techniques customized towards kids.

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