Where to Find Online Games for Your Classroom

The practice of using kids’ online games to teach important scholastic skills has become widespread. Teachers see an obvious improvement in student engagement and interest when an online game is introduced as part of the lesson. As these teachers share their experiences with others, more and more teachers are motivated to try using learning games with their own students. However, when it comes to actually implementing this practice, teachers find themselves stuck with several questions about the process. Among other concerns, they aren’t sure what games to use, or where to find good classroom games on the topic that they’re covering in class. Here I list several websites where teachers can find great kids’ online games for their classrooms.

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1. Scholastic
This page was clearly designed with teachers in mind. The online games are categorized by subject and divided by grade level. Each game is accompanied by a brief description explaining what topics are covered and what the game is about. This saves teachers valuable time that would otherwise be spent playing each game to figure out whether it can be used in the classroom. In addition to this, each game also comes with a Teacher’s Guide that suggests various ways of using the game in the classroom! The kids’ games can all be completed in 15 – 30 minutes. You can find games for Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science and Spanish.

2. BBC Bitesize
This site was built to support the British school curriculum, but the games and activities are useful for teachers and students anywhere in the world. Apart from kids’ online games, you can find educational videos, teacher’s guides, lesson plans and more. The Doctor Who coding game for kids is worth a special mention. The website even has resources for subjects such as Expressive Arts, Drama, Physical Education and Religious and Moral education. Kids can hear from experts in the field with how-to’s, demonstrations, tips and more.

3. Academic Skill Builders
Also known as arcademics, this website mixes arcade games and academic skills to get students excited about their lessons. The site features plenty of free online kids’ games on topics such as shapes, integers, algebra, language arts, geography and more. The games target students in grades 1 – 6. For an annual fee, teachers can upgrade to Arcademics plus, which provides cool features such as custom game content, performance score reports, video lessons and more.

4. AAA Math
AAA Math is a simple website that makes math practice more effective and enjoyable for kids. Covering a wide range of topics and grade levels, AAA Math provides short lessons and practice material for each topic. The idea is to make math practice interactive so that students get immediate feedback when they provide a wrong answer and are able to correct their mistakes. AAA Math also has simple games to remove the monotony from math practice. However, these games are very different from the online kids’ games found on other websites. The site monitors students’ performance and encourages them to do better with games like ‘Countdown’ (How many correct answers can the students get in 60 seconds?) and 20 Questions (How fast can students get 20 more correct answers than wrong answers?). For many teachers, these are the perfect kind of math games as the focus is on practice and self-improvement without taking up extra time for mindless play.

Every classroom is different and what works for one teacher may fail terribly for the next. Go through these websites and decide which ones can work for you based on your unique requirements. And do let me know if you have other great resources to add to this list.
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I am an assistant teacher and my aim is to curate unique learning tips and techniques customized towards kids.

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