Spring Bucket List for Kids


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Spring, glorious spring is here and while it took me ages to discover all of the things you can do to celebrate that winter is gone, I have collected quite the checklist that I’m really looking forward to cross off. It used to be that we’d spend cash by the truckloads to keep the kids entertained and then reminiscence about the good old days when throwing pebbles across the creek would do. Why not give your kids the same priceless experiences that you had growing up? Here is a bucket list just to get you started

1. Race paper boats down the creek or any shallow water body
2. Have a picnic - make a basket of your favorite treats and go exploring
3. Fly a kite - the weather is perfect for making and flying one
4. Make a story out of passing clouds - use your imagination
5. Tour the local fire station - any time is good time for this
6. Make your own lemonade stand. The thirsty passersby will be ever grateful
7. Feed the ducks - the kids and the ducks will love it
8. Go on a nature walk - it's warm enough to enjoy the stroll and cold enough to not sweat buckets
9. Make your own giant sidewalk art
10. Start a garden - you know that herb garden you've been putting off? Now's the right time for it
11. Visit the local farmer’s market – you’re in for some fresh treats
12. Paint a pet rock - As kids, we would have whole families to nurture.
13. Have a tea party with friends - sweet tea and cake is an all-time favorite
14. Go to an airport and watch the airplanes take off and land
15. Skip stones at a lake!


I am an assistant teacher and my aim is to curate unique learning tips and techniques customized towards kids.

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