Board Games Bucket List


One of my bucket list items is to play as many board games I can in my life. I started taking this challenge seriously since June last year and have so far finished playing 35 board games which I’m quite proud of. Those who know me know that I love, love, LOVE board games and I will play anything that is given to me. My ultimate aim is to reach 100 board games. What’ll I do when I reach that milestone? Add another 100 on. I can’t get enough.

Anyway, this is my list of 35. How many of these board games have you played? Also, do you have a list of recommended board games I MUST try? Leave me a comment!

1. Chess
2. Monopoly
3. Scrabble
4. Risk
5. Settlers of Catan
6. Clue
7. Ticket to Ride
8. Uno
9. Battleshop
10. Apples to Apples
11. Dominion
12. Puerto Rico
13. Tahtzee
14. Trivial Pursuit
15. Stratego
16. Checkers
17. Pictionary
18. Pandemic
19. Connect Four
20. Backgammon
21. Arkham Horror
22. The Game of Life
23. Candy Land
24. Snakes and Ladders
25. Small World
26. Mastermind
27. Chinese Chequers
28. Trouble
29. Scotland Yard
30. Taboo
31. Mahjong
32. Guess Who
33. Diplomacy
34. Othello
35. Dominoes


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