Traditional Games to make your kids smarter

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There are simple games that help develop your child's critical thinking skills and spatial awareness while at the same time entertaining them for hours at a stretch. These games can be played regardless of age which means that you can have fun with them even in a grown-up party. You have played these games as a kid and your parents before that and their parents before them. These not so secret games are so simple yet so effective; you should introduce them into your child's life straight away (if you haven't already)

Without much ado, here are the top games I would recommend.

1. Hopscotch -
This is not only great for exercise; it's excellent to teach numbers to toddlers and to teach motor skills. I love that it is customizable to make it more challenging.

2. Chutes and Ladders –
While this is a game of luck, the board has a great math component attached to it. It also leads kids to calculate how far they are from their goal, what they need to get in order to win or beat their opponent.

3. Jenga –
An oldie but goodie, I don't need to say any more about this classic game that was a staple in my household growing up. It is excellent to develop hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. It also helps you develop spatial awareness.



I am an assistant teacher and my aim is to curate unique learning tips and techniques customized towards kids.

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