Retro Toys are making a comeback

My guilty pleasure during the holiday season was watching reruns of Pawn Stars. It has just the right mix of trash TV and history. All the general knowledge I picked up from it, I keep telling people, helps. Do people buy it, I don’t yet know. One of these episodes had a lady that was selling a vintage train set that immediately got me thinking about retro toys that we grew up playing.

At the time that they did come out, they were the greatest in technology – meaning they were simple and it genius in their own ways. Before the time when hand consoles became as popular as they did, kids had toys that meant some sort of physical activity. They soon fell by the way side till Toy Story was released. Remember Toy Story?

It just brought back an interest in all the toys we have left abandoned in our attic, preferring TV and video games as means of entertainment. With people turning to health kicks this New Year, you will find more and more people trying to get outdoors and play. You will also find mantras of ‘start young’ with parents helping their kids get into activity and get themselves out of a sedentary lifestyle.

Most of you don’t need an introduction to these toys but just in case you need the encouragement to go out and source one, here it is.

Hula Hoop



Yo Yo


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