Fine Motor Activities for Kids

I am not the most innovative when it comes to play ideas. I have a knowledge bank of ideas from things I picked up as a kid, from my teacher training days, from playing it by ear in class and lastly, but most importantly, the myriads of things I learnt from being a mom. Most of the great play ideas I have are based on someone else’s idea and modified to suit the needs of my kids or the kids I have taught in the past. Today I thought I would pay tribute to other momma bloggers who have done a fantastic job in documenting these activities to improve fine motor skills among younger children. Here is my list of my favorites. Click on the title for instructions.

Fruit Loop Towers
This is Mess for Less activity. I am a huge fan of the blog and have stolen borrowed many ideas off of her. Building Fruit Loop towers is a great (and cheap!) way to practice those fine motor skills. All you need is some play dough, a strand of spaghetti and some cereal.

Pom Pom Color Sort -
I took this off Activity Mom’s summer activities list. I modified it slightly but taking old plastic bottles, cutting them in half so it looked like a glass and then cutting a hole in the bottom (large enough for pom poms to fit through). I then colored them in bright colors and watched as the little ones tried to put the right color pom poms in the right box.


Sponge Block Building
Inner Child Fun has turned block building into a less expensive, less dangerous version. Her idea is to cut pieces of sponge into different shapes and watch the kids build them up to whatever they like. Even if they collapse, there is no physical damage done.

If it weren’t for all these inspiring mom’s doing their superhuman best, I would’ve drowned in education a long, long time ago!



I am an assistant teacher and my aim is to curate unique learning tips and techniques customized towards kids.

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