Channelizing your kid's boundless energy

The warmth in the air has given way to earlier sunsets and cooler breeze. We’ve already broken out our winter stash of woolens and jackets. It’s beautiful outside and there are still enough days where you can go out for a walk and run. For those days where you’re forced to be indoors, though, what would you do? The kids need regular time to blow off all that energy that flows through them. Turning them into couch potatoes is one way to keep them occupied without them running to you every two minutes. However, if their natural activity capacity is not channeled, it could lead to them acting out.

If the space in your house/classroom is limited, you can still manage to get some cardio and fun in. There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest that are so simple; I wish I had thought of them. Among them was something called a PHYSICAL ACTIVITY CUBE that can be used as dice, I immediately went ahead and created many of them with different activities written on them.

Using 6 cardboard or cardstock squares, you tape them up into a box. Each side will have an activity written on them – this could be as regular as “Do 6 jumping jacks” or as quirky as “Do the chicken dance”. You can be as creative as you like. I first saw the idea on Little Family Fun – if you aren’t following them already, do yourselves a favor and get to it.

Image Source and Activity Idea by Little Family Fun -

I’ve already tried this exercise cube with the little ones to great success. My task now is to come up with Halloween activities to put on a new cube. This is going to be really exciting!



I am an assistant teacher and my aim is to curate unique learning tips and techniques customized towards kids.

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