Create your own Fairyland Adventure

I am a big proponent of play therapy. I discovered it quite by accident. My daughter had been throwing tantrums, which was very uncharacteristic of her. She is usually a very calm girl and we never had any trouble raising her. She was a natural caretaker, very responsible for someone her age. However, when she got sent to the principal’s office twice one week, I had to sit up and listen.

I usually go on a run on Saturdays to a nearby park. It has trees, it has little rocks you could climb and it has a pond. It’s a beautiful place and I decided to take her with me. We spent nearly all morning there, feeding the ducks, running around, climbing those rocks, having a picnic lunch under the tree. It was an adventure.
After this, my delightful angel was back to being herself. This made me realize how important quality time is with your kids. They don’t care if you send them to the most expensive schools, if you’ve built them huge savings for the future! What matters is the now and what they will take with them to the future are the memories you will create together and the love they will feel is being showered by you.

Every week, in a bid to make a conscious effort to spend time together, I pick up projects we could work on as a family. Last weekend we started working on a family scrapbook that we want to look like a timeline. They are slowly starting to tell the story of our family field trips and different adventures.

Fairytale Adventure

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This weekend, we are going to build a family fairyland. We will name it, conquer it in the name of love, cuddle and watch our favorite movie. If all goes well, we will even get the time to play a board game. I can’t wait!


I am an assistant teacher and my aim is to curate unique learning tips and techniques customized towards kids.

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