Homework vs. Homeschooling

There are several reasons why parents are increasingly turning to homeschooling when it comes to educating their kids. One, those who wish their kids to be imparted a rigorous education need to more often than not turn to private schools instead of public schools, an option that is not monetarily feasible in a majority of the cases. Two, homeschooling allows a child to blossom as per his strengths and weaknesses – curricula can be tweaked at will depending on the child’s proficiencies in a certain area, and everything is not just about learning by rote. Three (and this is becoming a big issue with parents and students worldwide today), the increasing burden of homework on kids is considered to be more detrimental than beneficial for their overall development.

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Experts believe that instead of sitting indoors for hours on end, poring over worksheets and math problems and what-not, children will be better equipped to tackle situations if they spend the same time outdoors in a sport, or even reading stories of their choice. Those who advocate the fact that homeschooled kids are not socially well-equipped, well, that simply doesn’t hold true in this case. Children, who spend the first half or so of their day being homeschooled in the curriculum best suited to them, then spend their early evenings with peers running and playing games are in no way lesser academically than traditionally schooled kids burdened with a humongous amount of homework on a daily basis. After all, have a look at these numbers; don’t they speak for themselves?



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