The Importance of Parent-Child Play

Playing comes naturally to children – it’s their way of knowing and discovering more about the world and people around them.

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Boy” by OpenClipart-Vectors is licensed under CC by 2.0

Play therapist and author of Playful Parenting, Lawrence J. Cohen, put it thus: “Play allows parents to enter a child’s world, on the child’s terms, in order to foster closeness, confidence and connection. Playing is how children show themselves to us. It’s also a way to be close and to reconnect after closeness has been severed (by an argument or conflict). The more we join them in their world, the more cooperative they will be when we drag them along to ours”.

Be it multiplayer racing video games like Mario Kart, the guessing and drawing word game Pictionary or simply a game of hide and seek, you playing with your kids amounts to them getting the message that you are being supportive of how your child thinks. Spend the next weekend getting competitive together playing the Super Smash Bros or just the board game Monopoly on the living room carpet. It’s the best way you can bond with your kids.


I am an assistant teacher and my aim is to curate unique learning tips and techniques customized towards kids.

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