A Robot Buddy that Plays Games with Kids

What would you say about a robot that plays games with your kids to keep them gainfully occupied through the holidays as well as helps them develop a personality over time? Come October and you’ll get just that.

Image courtesy: TechCrunch

Anki, the popular artificial intelligence robotics firm which is behind the launch of this new robot called Cozmo meant to interact with kids, had this to say: “He can detect different people and remember who he’s met. If you play with him every single day, he’s going to be much more interactive and happy to see you.”

Cozmo can be brave, calm, confident, excited and happy, all at different times. It is capable of recognizing its user. It’s akin to how a child actually feels over a period of time – cheerful while you’re playing with it, sulking if you ignore it or throw it in a remote corner.

Surprisingly, the robot is just about the size of a box of playing cards and fits within the palm of one’s hand. At first glance, it’ll probably give you the impression of being a miniature moon rover or some such object. It is priced at $180. Any takers?


I am an assistant teacher and my aim is to curate unique learning tips and techniques customized towards kids.

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