Mexican Jumping Beans and Kickballs

It's Cinco de Mayo and here are two fun activities kids can enjoy on the occasion.

The Mexican Jumping Beans Game
This fun activity can be played both indoors and outdoors and is suitable for kids of all ages. There is just one rule – the kids have to jump like Mexican jumping beans whenever they hear music playing and stop jumping the instant the music stops (much like musical chairs). The one(s) found still in motion after the music stops keep getting eliminated one by one till the winner remains.

Happiness is… Kicking a Mexican kickball around.
Known popularly as Mexican kickball, this is an ideal game to be played outdoors in a garden or courtyard. It involves teams, with the main goal being that each team member is required to kick a ball around an obstacle course. The team in which all members successfully manage to do so is declared the winner. But herein lies the catch: Under no circumstances is a child supposed to touch the ball with his/her hands. If touched, the said player is eliminated from the game. The obstacles can be varied – round tree logs, even down a slide, crouching one’s way from underneath a net set over a patch of mud. The idea here is to get creative with the obstacles and also have a fun race to the end.


I am an assistant teacher and my aim is to curate unique learning tips and techniques customized towards kids.

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