3 New Tablets Exclusively for Kids

Gone are the days when parents would buy smartphones, tablets and laptops taking into account only their own needs and wants. The new generation of parents today needs to factor in their kids whenever they decide to purchase any new gadget. And the latest entrants into the market? Tablets designed exclusively for little ones. Go on, have a look.

1. Fable: This one is meant for the age group of 3-10 years. Designed primarily from an educational point of view, parents have full control over who can interact with their child online and who cannot. The fact that this tablet doesn’t have a typical browser is reason enough to give kids a free hand with the gadget, armed with a stylus for drawing on the screen. The bonus? It has a camera too, to make the little ones even happier.

2. Sprout Channel Cubby: Heard of the 24-hour preschool Sprout Channel, which is full of kids’ games, videos and fun activities? Well, this tablet is an offshoot of that itself. More than 40 shows from the channel have their own devoted space on this preloaded tablet, which can also connect to Google Play to get hold of more games and apps if required.

3. Leapfrog Epic: LeapFrog’s educational toys have been around for eons. And its android tablet with a kid-safe browser is a steal. It has a sort of a virtual world contained within it in the form of an exciting interactive village that can change with the time of the day or night, the seasons or even your kids’ age! Perfect for when you have more than one tiny tot at home.

Now you know what to gift your little tyke on his coming birthday!


I am an assistant teacher and my aim is to curate unique learning tips and techniques customized towards kids.

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