Reading Games to Help Your Family Bond

Enough has been said and written about the benefits of strong familial bonds. From modifying behavioral pattern in kids to reducing emotional distress to significantly reducing the risk of violent behavior in them, the strength of the bond that exists between the different members of a family can greatly affect their mental makeup and help shape their personalities. As we all strive to bond as a family, more often than not, we seem to hit roadblocks. Many of us are also of the opinion that shiny new toys and expensive, exotic vacations are the keys to the world of strong family ties.

Fortunately, that is not the case.

Spend Quality Time with Family, Indulge in Reading Games
Often, it is the gift of time that separates a close knit family from a disintegrating, dysfunctional one. If you want to bond with your family members, you must spend quality time with them. And spending quality can sometimes be as easy as going shopping or indulging in reading games.

Thanks to the busy schedules at work and at school, most of us are often seen drawing a blank when asked to suggest bonding activities for the family. ‘We only get an hour together every night, what can we possibly do in such little time’ is the question that reverberates in most households. You will be pleased to know that one hour (or even a little less) can pack in a lot of bonding exercises for the entire family. All that you need to get started is a good book.

Back to the Past
Playing a reading game doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair replete with cue cards, lots of preparatory reading, etc. So how does one use reading games to help the family bond, you wonder? Sometimes, the answer to life’s eminent questions lies in the past. Bring back the days of yore and start reading to your kids. We all know about bedtime stories and their ability to induce bonding. Don’t give technology (talking apps and readings apps) the pleasure of reading your child her bedtime story!

Variety of Reading Games – The Sky is the Limit
To make things more interactive, play a fun game for kids instead of just reading to them. As this activity requires involvement, schedule it for the evening instead of making it a bedtime activity. If you are thinking what kind of reading games you can play with your kids, you will be happy to know that the choices are endless – you only need to put on your thinking cap! From huddling together and reading a paragraph each from the same book to taking two different books and reading a paragraph from each, reading games can change the course of the evening and take it from a regular event to an unforgettable one.

Reading Games Bring a Twist in the Tale
Alternatively, you can also get your child to read to you. How about reversing roles and letting her be the parent for the day? Request for a story, let her read to you and ask questions that demand creativity and thinking on her part to make it an enjoyable affair.

The time you spend with the little ones is precious. Make the most of it by making family bonding activities like reading games an intrinsic part of your daily routine!

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